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Kashmir has produced infinite variety of most alluring objects in the lovely grain and natural color of the softened elegant walnut. The fame of the Kashmir wood craft and wood carving rests in the use of walnut wood as raw material. The walnut plants grow at an altitude of 5500 to 7500 feet above the sea level. Due to its durability and natural color, it is regarded as the most suitable for both carving as well as wood work. The carving is done skillfully in a variety like "Padri" - where it is not deep, see through, undercut and deep carving with indigenous tools. A variety of articles both decorative and utilitarian, ranging from smaller items like bowls, trays, cigarette boxes, wall panels, table lamps, bed stead's, wine bars, writing desks, chest of drawers and side boards etc. are crafted to meet the contemporary demand. The important traditional designs are Lotus, Dragon, Darbar, Rezkar and Poshkaar.





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